other products

Extraction systems

Extraction unit for extracting scale and dust from brushing, grinding and similar descaling processes, equipped with a spark pre-separator.

Wire Relaxation Devices

Wire stress relievers for optimising the yield strength ratio, primarily in structural steel production, optionally in pneumatic or hydraulic design.

Feed drivers

Feed driver device to support the drawing-in process, suitable for wire diameters from 5.5 mm to 10.0 mm, can optionally also be moved out of the wire run with a few hand movements.

Driven die holder

Driven drawing die holder for holding a drawing die which, through its rotation, can enable both pre-calibration of the wire and precise tolerance and drawing die use in the final drawing stages.

EJP Wire Technology

Loading station

Loading station for wire rod coils on crown stand.

Pointing machines

Sharpening machine for steel wire with low or high carbon content, other materials on request.

Butt welding machine